Prime Minister Julia Gillard unveiled Monday in Brisbane Labor's $392 million health system modernisation plan that will see patients consulting doctors online.

Under the plan, patients who consult online will also get Medicare rebates.

Gillard promised that the system, which her Labor party will implement if reelected, will help Australians from the outer suburbs get the healthcare they need.

Bulk of the proposed funding or $250 million will cover online consultations of patients in rural, remote and outer metropolitan areas. About $56.8 million will be financial incentives for GPs and specialists providing the online service.

Another $50 million will fund the GP after-hours helpline and $35 million will be used to train health professionals on online technologies.

By harnessing the benefits of modern technology, we will connect people in rural, regional and outer-metropolitan Australia up to health services they would otherwise have to travel long distances to receive, quoted Gillard as saying.