It’s been eight years too long! Our favorite Stars Hollow townies gathered together in the hot, hot heat of Austin, Texas over the weekend in celebration of the 15th anniversary of “Gilmore Girls” -- a show created by the quick-witted, and coffee-loving Amy Sherman-Palladino, which ended in 2007.

But before the cast members of the beloved WB/CW series partook in the 2015 ATX Television Festival reunion panel, they hit the red carpet to answer some of our burning questions. Check out what they said below:

Jackson Douglas Shares Where He Thinks Jackson Is Now:

Since fans last saw Stars Hollow’s favorite produce guy, he was expecting his third child with Sookie (Melissa McCarthy). So, has Jackson’s family grown over the past seven years? The actor revealed it has -- by alot!

“There’s like 18 of them,” he told IBTimes how many children he thinks Jackson and Sookie have together. “I remember stopping with being wheeled off for a vasectomy. But it could be debatable whether or not that actually happened or it was reversed but I think Jackson would have found a way to have more children.”

Liz Torres Admits Her Favorite Dance On “Gilmore Girls”:

Although we would have bet that it was going to be Kirk’s (Sean Gunn) creepy “Journey of Man” performance, Torres, who played Miss Patty on the show, answered that the routine she loved the most on the series were the ones that involved “dancing with the children.” Torres’ character ran a dance studio in the heart of Stars Hollow that also became the venue for town meetings.

gilmore girls reunion Milo Ventimiglia, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale and Liza Weil share a laugh during the 2015 "Gilmore Girls" reunion panel. Photo: ATX TV Festival/Lauren Reynolds

Yanic Truesdale Reveals Michel’s Favorite Zinger:

“I have a few that I can remember,” the actor who portrayed everyone’s favorite sarcastic concierge told IBTimes. “One of the first episodes there was an elderly woman that came up to me and said, ‘Excuse me sir, where can I find the best antiques?’ And Michel’s answer was, ‘At your house, I’d guess.’ I love that one.”

“Yes, you had great lines!” Torres stated.

Danny Strong Attributes His Success To Being The Yale Daily News Editor:

Strong, who played Doyle (the editor of the Yale Daily News) in “Gilmore Girls,” quipped that being editor of the fictional newspaper is what led to the success of the Fox show he co-created, “Empire.”

“Being editor of the Yale Daily News is what brought ‘Empire’ to be,” he joked to IBTimes before admitting that he used to take his fictional role so seriously that it would get him into trouble.

“I used to date a real reporter and I would always say, ‘Well, I was the editor of the Yale Daily News.’ And she would get really mad and be like, ‘No you weren’t! That was a TV show!’ And I’m like, ‘But I was.’”

Strong Didn’t Always Think Paris (Liza Weil) and Doyle Should Be Together:

When asked if it he always knew the duo we’re going to hit it off, Strong said he didn’t. “No, no. But [later] I thought it was a great idea. I thought they’d be a good couple,” he stated.

Matt Czuchry Reveals The Best And Worst Qualities Of Logan:

Logan was a bad boy. But according to Czuchry, who portrayed Rory's third boyfriend on the series, it was his wildness that was the most beneficial to his relationship with Rory.

“The best thing for Rory was that he would jump off cliffs, he would take her on trips spur of the moment. That was kind of his biggest strength -- that sense of adventure -- but also his biggest weakness, as well,” he told IBTimes. Czuchry added that he predicts his character is currently traveling the world. “He never wanted to follow in the family business,” he said of Logan not returning home to follow in his father's footsteps. “He wanted to be with Rory.”

gilmore girls reunion John Cabrera, Keiko Agena and Todd Lowe pose on the red carpet before the 2015 "Gilmore Girls" reunion at the ATX TV Festival in Austin. Photo: ATX TV Festival/Lauren Reynolds

Before Zach There Was Dave:

Prior to Lane (Keiko Agena) falling head over heels for the Hep Alien guitarist (Todd Lowe), the drummer was smitten with Zach’s bandmate Dave (Adam Brody). That is, until Dave moved to the west coast.

“Dave left us!” Agena said. “He went to California. I don’t know what he did -- something in Orange County,” Lowe chimed in before stating that Lane decided to go for the next best thing when Dave hit the road. “I was the next cutest guy in line,” Lowe said, right in front of his fellow TV bandmate John Cabrera, who played Brian in the series. “Burn!” Agena said with a laugh.

Liza Weil Wasn’t Shocked By Anything Paris Did:

Oh, let us count the ways Paris has made us cringe over the years from her relationship with Asher (Michael York) to her Harvard melt down. But according to Weil, nothing her ambitious and blunt character did surprised her.

“No, I think that that was the real beauty of Paris for me,” she told IBTimes. “Especially looking back, now that I’m older, I kind of just love how lucky I was that I got to play a character that really got to do anything. She could really get away with anything. I guess initially you’re sort of like, ‘Really?’ but then.. I kind of buy it. I buy it all. I think Paris can go in just so many different directions that it all makes sense somehow.”

Milo Ventimiglia Doesn’t Think A “Gilmore Girls” Movie Is The Best Idea:

“I don’t know. I think there’s a trend of pumping life into a skeleton already. But its what’s fans want and I think if it works out in a business sense for studios and networks to do it then -- I’m a fan of understanding what something was and appreciating what something was and not mucking it up with a new version or revisiting. I don’t know. I think things end for a reason and they’re supposed to,” he revealed to IBTimes.

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