A majority of the cast of “Gilmore Girls” was on hand at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas for the 2015 ATX Television Festival. But one person was noticeably absent – Edward Herrmann.

Herrmann died on Dec. 31, 2014 at the age of 71. The actor, who portrayed Lorelai’s father, Richard Gilmore, had been battling brain cancer. The cast of the series and show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino made sure to pay tribute to the late actor at the Saturday night panel, which celebrated the 15th anniversary of the WB/ CW series.

“It’s really crappy that he’s gone,” Sherman-Palladino told the audience. “We miss him so much.”

Viewers got to watch a touching montage of Herrmann’s best scenes from “Gilmore Girls.” But the tear-jerking moment came when the entire cast took the stage … and left an empty chair for their beloved co-star.

“Ed was the first one to say he was going to be at this panel,” the creator said. “That’s how f---ed up it is that he’s gone and I just miss him and I’m so grateful I got to work with him … he was just driven [and] loving. He was our Mr. President.”

Herrmann worked closely with Kelly Bishop, who played his on-screen wife, Emily. Lauren Graham played his character's daughter, Lorelai, and Alexis Bledel portrayed Rory, his grandaughter.

Check out photos of the tribute below: