Ariana Grande is a 19-year-old Nickelodeon actress who stars in kid show “Victorious,” while Giovanna Plowman is a 15-year-old student from Buffalo, N.Y., who became an overnight sensation for doing something unmentionable. So who’s the star here? Plowman seems to think it's her.

The 15-year-old has started a Twitter feud with the red-headed actress on Wednesday after she saw Plowman's grotesque video and tweeted, “Giovanna Plowman. Girl what is wrong witchu.”

Grande’s question wasn’t anything extreme, considering the apalling nature of Plowman's video.

However, the mini-stardom (and excitement of reportedly appearing on Tosh.O) seems to have gone straight to the overnight sensation's head with her throwing a series of insults at the actress via Twitter. 

“Get some t***, and get famous, then come back to me. bye. YOU're not on MY level,” the Buffalo, N.Y., resident wrote to Grande.

She continued, “smh..ariana is trending thanks to me, i'm making this girl famous. shame on me. no one acually knows her” and also wrote “YOU got ur followers from me your stupid. you prolly jumping in your bed and screaming ‘OMG GIOVANNA TWEETED ME OMG OMG.’”

Plowman added, “You sure about that? cause i'm not even sure why people like you, you're prolly mad at me, for being more famous, u are #JELLY.”

The overnight star doesn’t yet have a verified Twitter account, and it’s worth noting that @ItsGiovannaP, the user with handle that hurled insults at Grande, could be a fake.

Plowman’s scandalous video is unlike anything most people have seen on the Web -- a teenager who appears to be an innocent young girl goes on to do something unthinkable multiple times in a 5-minute span just to achieve some stardom.