Is Giovanna Plowman starting feuds with Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Liam Payne and other celebrities via Twitter in a desperate ploy to get more famous?

Whoever the person is behind a Twitter account that appears to be Plowman's is obsessively tweeting at pop stars, asking them to retweet her messages, then getting angry at them when they ignore her pleas.

Plowman is a 15-year-old Buffalo, N.Y., girl who recently descended to levels of depravity so foul we can't mention them here in hopes of gaining the fame she has now attained, for better or worse.

And now she's apparently attempting to ride that newfound level of infamy to great heights through her campaign to get Bieber, Cyrus, Payne and other celebs to respond to -- or at least retweet -- her.

First, she went after Kim Kardashian in the following tweet (which has been censored for vulgar language): " we all know your mom beat you for being a h**, no need to deeny it!"

Next she tweeted at the Biebs, offering this self-congratulatory (and delusional) message: " lol its crazy how i'm famous like you in some days!!! we rock."

Shortly thereafter, she followed that up with the following (this tweet was cut off early to avoid her graphic description of the vile act that made her famous): " justin i'm getting bullied by everyone, they wants me to die :/ what should i do? :("

It seems that she doesn't have the gumption to start a Twitter battle with one of the most popular musicians in the world, so she didn't send any taunting follow-ups, instead directing her energy toward Miley Cyrus in the following tweet (the middle portion of this tweet was again deleted in the name of decency): " i want help. people wants me dead ... miley help :("

She quickly turned angry with Cyrus, however, offering this helpful dispatch, edited for profanity: " you know what? you ignored my tweets, therefor f*** you b***. nasty. take a look at your hair next time you go out!" followed almost immediately by this tweet, which is again too vulgar to print the entirety of: " why're you losing hair? smh. you nasty!!"

Next, she turns her attention to musician Liam Payne, of One Direction fame, with this tweet" Liam im getting bullied by everyone on here. i dont know what to do :( tell me please."

But it quickly turns sour, as she gets offended by his lack of response in this message (again censored for profanity): "f*** you b*** you ignoreed me when i needed help," she writes, following it up with this hilarious dispatch: " like i was nice to even talk to people like you. i'm way more famous then u, ur NOT on my level."

Odd choice of insults, considering Payne has more than 8 million Twitter followers and Plowman has less than 120,000.

It appears the fun isn't ending anytime soon, as the Plowman story gets increasingly weird.

And she has even coined a new phrase, "Giovannators," for her fans, much in the vein of Beliebers and Directioners (fans of Bieber and One Direction, respectively.)

The overnight star doesn’t yet have a verified Twitter account, and it’s worth pointing out that @ItsGiovannaP, the Twitter account behind all of the above vitriol, could be a fake one, though it has been around since November.