Jordan Landon, 9, of Cove City, North Carolina, spent almost 2 days stuck in a car wreck, after the vehicle her father and she were in met with an accident. Police officials and relatives said she ate Pop-Tarts and drank Gatorade to survive.

Jordan was on her way to a store with Douglas Landon, 39, on Friday night. They were in a 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, according to the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Officials believe that the car, which flipped over during the accident, remained unnoticed for 40 hours, before a passer-by saw the scene and called 911; this was on Sunday afternoon. Jordan was airlifted to a hospital that night, after the rescue team safely removed her from the wreckage.

Sgt. David Clifton called the girl heroic, given that she was able to stay calm despite being trapped in the dark and in cold conditions. He also said the girl was talkative and expected to recover fully, an Associated Press report said.

Also according to the officials, the car's speedometer was stuck 100mph. However, Butch Morse, a friend of Landon's, said it was hard to believe he was going at that speed.

He wasn't speeding, there is no way in God's green earth he was speeding, Morse told WCTI-TV.

Clues from the accident site suggest that Landon, in his last moments, was trying to save his daughter.

He was curled up in a ball with his arm right across his chest and his other arm pushed out across Jordan. He was trying to hold her and trying to keep her protected, he was a good father, Kevin Brinson, another friend, told the TV station.

Jordan's mother, Claudette Leohmann, said her daughter was recovering and was upset about her father's death. Douglas was Leohmann's long time boyfriend.