Articles by Drishya Nair

MI6 Spy In The Bag Gareth Williams: Army Veteran Shows Getting Inside The Sports Bag And Locking Self Is Easy

The latest development in the case of the yet unsolved mystery of MI6 spy Gareth Williams' death is that a veteran Army officer demonstrating how Williams could have got himself locked inside the sports bag and perhaps been suffocated to death. According to Jim Fetherstonhaugh, 49 - a sergeant in the Royal Artillery for 22 years, it is not only highly possible that Williams locked himself, is also a very simple and easy task to do (including padlocking himself). Many MI6 agents, after the dea...

Muslim Husband Slaps Sister-In-Law, Calls Her A 'Slut' For Taking His Wife To Beach

A Morocco immigrant attacked his sister-in-law for taking his wife to the beach. He was enraged because she dared to take his wife on the beach trip without his permission, a court heard on Tuesday. Ismail Belghar allegedly slapped Canan Kokden across her face, called her a 'slut' and held her over a car park railing when he noticed his wife Hanife Kokden's sunburned shoulders.

Four Teenagers Kill Man For Money As His Daughter And Wife Witness The Horror

In a shocking incident, two teenagers and two men in their early 20s have been accused of killing a 40 year-old -man in front of his wife and daughter. The accused men are at large and the police continues to hunt for them. According to a report in Mail Online, the men gunned down and stabbed Victor Quevedo, the victim, outside his home on Saturday night. Quevedo from Houston, Texas, was driving his car into his apartment after an outing with his wife and 13-year-old step daughter when the men ...

Body Of Missing Hiker Found At The Bottom Of 60-Foot Deep Cave

A body found in an area of canyons, crevices and caves in East County by the search crews is believed to be of the hiker who went missing on the Easter Sunday. Guillermo Pino, a UCSD psychology student, had gone missing about a month ago when he went hiking with his family. The sheriff's deputies and search units were called on Sunday to the Anza-Borrego Desert State when the body was reportedly found in the Arroyo Tapiado area. Pino went missing from the same area, said the officials. P......

Demi Moore Changes Her Twitter Handle From @MrsKutcher To @justdemi

Six months after divorce from Two and a half men star Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore seems to have finally moved on. Moore, who continued to use her estranged husband;s surname on Twitter for a long time, has finally changed her name to @Just Demi on the social networking site. Moore kept her over five million Twitter followers wondering for quite some time as to when she was going to change Twitter handle from @MrsKutcher. After there were reports on the 50-year-old diva being obsessed with her 33-...
TV personality Khloe Kardashian and NBA player Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian And Husband Lamar Take A Break From Their Show: 'Divorce is not an option,' She Says

The youngest of the famous Kardashian sisters, Khloe, sure deserves to be taken more seriously. Especially after what she has said of her marriage in recent interviews. The 27-year-old reality star has much more on her mind than the TV show and yes,she has put her show on hold for her husband's career! That's like a really good wife. Apparently, husband Lamar Odom wants to concentrate on his basketball career and Khloe feared if she didn't put her show on hold, she might lose him. H...
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony: Pastor's Wife Who Gave Her Shelter Calls 'Tot Mom' Self-Centered In Disturbing Voicemail

One year after the acquittal of Orlando mother Casey Anthony, facts and clues are still emerging. A recent voice mail left by the wife of a pastor who sheltered Casey Anthony after the murder trial lets out yet another clue on 'who' Casey is. The voice mail obtained exclusively by Radaronline has Pastor's wife Cindy Camp, asking Casey to stop being selfish and to think of others. For once get outside your own head and think of someone else, she says at one point in the voice mai...
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Breaks-Up With Narcissistic Boyfriend; Mother Monster Never Got His Attention

When Lady Gaga steps out, she makes sure she has every single eyeball glued to her. Her dressing, make-up and colorful wigs get her all the attention, no matter where she is. But it seems that the singer who had paparazzi following her everywhere, failed to invoke her own boyfriend's attention, thanks to his narcissistic personality. Reports have surfaced that Mother Monster was all this while caught in a Bad Romance had with Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney and has finally ended it. Kinney...



Couple Arrested For Locking 10-Year-Old Daughter In Basement

The police raided the house of Randy Swopes, 48, and Katherine Swopes, 49, after they received an anonymous tip around 2 p.m. local time (3 p.m. EDT) and discovered that a young girl was being held captive in the basement of the home in “poor condition.”