At a sold out concert of teen diva Selena Gomez, a 52-year-old man from Ponte Vedra was arrested with charges of molesting his nine-year-old daughter, this weekend.

Three women witnesses reported the incident to the officers after they noticed the man touching the girl in an inappropriate manner during the show on Sunday night.  Officers immediately took the man in custody.

Police contacted the girl's mother who took custody of her, a Fox 30 report said.

The incident is being investigated by police and the Child Protection Team.

The father who is held in the St. Johns County jail on a $10,000 bond, is charged with lewd molestation on a victim under 12 years of age. 

The Selena Gomez concert was held at St. Augustine.

Several women were sitting behind the man and his daughter. The women told the volunteers about the inappropriate touching. The man turned aggressive with police and did not let them talk to his daughter for some time, a's report said.

A police report obtained by the Times-Union said one woman saw the man rubbing the girl's arms, playing with her hair and kissing her on the neck, arms and face. She also said that she spotted him fondling the girl below the waist, the report said.