Lena Dunham, creator and lead actress of the HBO hit series “Girls,” has bought Kim Kardashian’s new book, titled “Selfish.” The coffee table book contains thousands of photos of the reality star that she took herself. Dunham showed off her purchase via an Instagram post, in which she ironically took a selfie with the book.

“Selfie with selfish #yeahiboughtit (I support experiments in female identity exploration/am a student of pop culture/will not be shamed)," captioned Dunham as she posted the photo on her personal Instagram site. By "shamed," Dunham means she rejects criticism from the haters who have constantly criticized Kim, her work and her family.

Dunham defends the reality star by calling her book an “experiment in female identity exploration.” She can also use the knowledge she will gain from the book in the series “Girls.” As creator, writer and actress, Dunham can learn a lot from one of the most recognizable modern day pop-culture icons. The series tackles the lives of modern-day young women as they go about their lives and deal with society in general.

Kim Kardashian describes her book as an evolution of her photos as well as her life. E! Online shared an excerpt from the book’s dedication, which reads: “I reflected on my very public journey as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother, this book is a candid tribute to all of my fans, who were with me the entire time.” She also talks about the technological evolution of the photos, which were taken using digital cameras, Polaroid cameras and her BlackBerry device. The most recent photos were taken with a smartphone, the device most responsible for launching the “selfie” phenomenon.

Kim even shows how she deals with a crisis by publishing some nude photos that were once part of a hacking scandal. According to the report by E!, Kim says that she had not originally intended to include the racy photos in the book but after they came out due to a leak, she decided to take control and publish them in the book in the way that she wants them to be seen.

“Selfish” is now available in bookstores across the United States. It may also be purchased online and shipped internationally via Amazon.

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