The worst thing about 3D technology -- other than Conan the Barbarian -- is the glasses.

They're clunky, they're uncomfortable, they're (sometimes) unsanitary and people hate 'em. Kind of like Conan.

But Toshiba has solved that -- for TV viewing, at least.

The company has unveiled a 55-inch, glasses-free 3D television. A camera underneath the screen scans to see how many people -- up to nine -- are watching, and sends out the image.

The TV, the 55ZL2, will be available in Europe in December. A Toshiba spokesman told TheWrap on Friday that it's unclear when it will be available in the United States.

No matter when, it won't be cheap. The German unit costs 7,999 euros, or about $11,400.

And at least one outlet isn't impressed: called it pretty underwhelming.