Last night's episode of 'Glee' paid tribute to Whitney Houston, as the show's characters were given the opportunity to sort through their personal struggles by performing covers of their favorite Whitney songs.

McKinley High's glee club finally got a chance to say goodbye to the chart topping singer, while also saying goodbye to each other (there are just 42 days left till graduation). Mr. Schue is apparently worried that his students are still upset over Whitney's death even through several months have passed. He turns to his fiancé Emma, who reflects on Princess Diana's death in 1997 and explains that the moment marked the end of his innocent childhood.

After connecting the dots, he announces the new assignment, telling his students, This week isn't about passing judgment on Whitney, it's about celebrating her legacy; honoring her memory. Wise words we could all learn from

So each glee club member was is the chance to sing a Houston song that resonated with their own personal struggles. Of course, the kids were all eager to start the assignment, particularly Rachel, who chose to sing the Star Spangled Banner in the style Whitney used to perform it (video of her singing it at the 1991 Superbowl)

Mercedes, who admitted to idolizing Whitney Houston in last week's episode, sings an a cappella version of the Whitney classic, How Will I Know with Rachel, Kurt and Santana backing her up.

Kurt, who has the makings of a Whitney Houston shrine in his locked, has trouble deciding which song to sing; according to him all Whitney's songs are perfect. So he heads to Between The Sheets, the local music store to find the perfect song. There he meets his stalker Chandler, who flirts with Kurt. Chandler scores Kurt's phone number and sends his crush a barrage of complimentary text messages over the next few days, including, Are You An Astronaut? Because your smile is out of this world.

Blaine figures out that Kurt is flirting behind his back, which unleashes another barrage of Whitney Houston covers. First Blain sings It's Not Right, But It's OK. Then Kurt attempts an apology by singing I have Nothing.

The two work things out and Blaine admits he's worried because Kurt is so eager to get out of Ohio, which is clearly true, back home Kurt is busy sticking post-it notes on everything he plans to bring to NY with him.

Other covers included Brittany and Santana singing an auto tuned cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Saving All My Love For You by Quinn and Joe, So Emotional by Rachel and Satnana, and My Love Is Your Love by the entire New Directions crew.