Chris Colfer was the victim of a Twitter hack on Thursday. “Due to personal issues, I have been let go from the cast of GLEE. Explanations will come shortly...” The actor's apparent hacker tweeted.

The announcement had fans upset and wondering why Colfer would leave after five seasons of playing Kurt Hummel. But before viewers could ponder how the "Glee" writers would give the character a proper goodbye, his rep announced that the tweet was the work of a hacker. Fans were relieved to hear Colfer's manager and 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ:FOX) deny the claim. But while the end of Kurt Hummel's story isn't here just yet, it is coming soon. Season 6 of “Glee” will be the final season. 

Colfer spoke about his dream ending and hopes for Kurt  in May.

“[Kurt is] trying to find happiness and validation from an outside source. Oh, if I have a boyfriend, it’ll validate me. If I have a best friend, it’ll validate me. If I have a leading role in a show, it’ll validate me,” Colfer told Entertainment Weekly. “But I would really like, before the series ends, for him to find the validation within himself and for him to realize that happiness is going to come from him, not from someone else. That would be a happy ending for me.”

Season 5 didn’t bring Kurt the same success it brought his friends. Rachel was debuting on Broadway; Sam was getting modeling campaigns; Santana was filming commercials; Mercedes was recording her album, and Kurt didn’t do that much. He was beaten by homophobes and starred in a retirement home’s production of “Peter Pan.” He also got engaged to his boyfriend Blaine. Fans are hoping for a Kurt and Blaine (dubbed Klaine by fans) wedding before the series finale, but it sounds like Colfer is hoping Kurt finds happiness in other aspects as well.

Fans hope Kurt will get to share some of the same success as his peers in Season 6. Now that Rachel has gone to Los Angeles to film a television show, maybe there is enough room on Broadway for Kurt Hummel’s debut?

“Glee” will return to Fox in 2015. What do you hope to see for Kurt in Season 6 of “Glee”? Share your ideas below.