“Glee” actor Josh Sussman claims he was swindled out of more than $30,000 after he gave the cash to a production company that was defunct at the time of the transaction, according to court papers obtained by TMZ.

The gossip website reported Monday that Sussman agreed to develop a film, “Wally’s Revenge,” for Mikel Dusi and Gold Rush Pictures. But the “Glee” star says in court papers that he didn’t realize the company didn’t exist for two years.

The suit claims Dusi agreed to return Sussman’s investment plus 20 percent within 90 days after Gold Rush received financing for the film.

The “Glee” star said Dusi has not returned the $30,000 and that Dusi also tried to get Sussman to buy out his interest in the production for an additional $50,000.

Sussman is best known for portraying Jacob Ben Israel on “Glee.” The actor has a number of projects in the production phase, including the movie “Personal Demons” and the TV series “Good Cop Bike Cop,” according to his IMDB page.