Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is literally urinating on President Barack Obama, hawking a mason jar filled with his waste with an Obama toy inside for $25,000.

Beck was inspired to create the vulgar "artwork" amid criticism over “The Truth,” the Obama as Jesus painting in which artist Michael D’Antuono painted the president in a suit with a crown of thorns and striking the pose of Jesus on the Cross with the presidential seal as the background.

“The Truth” was supposed to be on display in New York City’s Union Square, but criticism from religious organizations thwarted the display.

The painting is now featured at the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery in Boston.

“This painting was inspired by watching conflicting reports on the same issues on the different cable newscasts and the effect on their viewers. Peoples' perceptions of the issues seem to get distorted though their political lenses. People have had drastically different interpretations from this painting. What you see in this painting will be a reflection of your own partisan view and that is precisely the point,” D’Antuono wrote on his website about the acrylic on canvas painting.

Beck posted a video of his “most extraordinary piece of art yet,” which can be viewed above, on his website.

“Now this exquisite piece features a mason jar and my own specially brewed ‘Country Time,’ if you will,” Beck says in a mock French accent. “Now, you say to yourself, ‘Who’s going to pay for a glass or a big mason jar of warm piece of me?’ You’d be surprised.”

Beck then whips out a toy Obama and dunks it into the jar allegedly containing his urine.

“Now some will say Glenn Beck … put the president in a jar of pee pee. And while technically correct, I prefer to call this work of art by it’s more appropriate and professional title,” he said. “I like to call this ‘Flowbama.’”

But for layman, Beck called his work “Obama In Pee Pee,” and is selling it for “a bargain price of $25,000.”