Glenn Beck followed up his "exclusive" on a Saudi national he believes is a third suspect in the Boston bombing by revealing the cover letter of the event file on Wednesday. While Beck believes the event file to be credible evidence, U.S. officials are dismissing the conservative radio host’s claims.

On Monday Beck’s site, the Blaze, released an exclusive report about a Saudi national, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, who was detained and set to be deported under Section 212 3B of the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Review’s benchbook, which identifies suspected terrorist activities.

Beck provided more details about Alharbi and the event file created for the Saudi national. On Wednesday’s program, Beck claimed Alharbi received a student visa without being properly vetted, was on the “no-fly” list and had a previous terrorist activity file created prior to being put on the watch list in connection to the Boston bombing. Beck also stated there was evidence that the original event file on Alharbi was amended and someone had tried to delete all versions of Alharbi’s terrorist activity file.

All this, Beck claims, is part of a larger cover-up aiming to conceal Saudi-backed terrorism. Many believe Beck’s theories of a Saudi national Boston bombing suspect have already been debunked by U.S. officials. Fox News' Bret Baier had a video blog detailing the supposed evidence against the Saudi national, breaking down the claims surrounding Alharbi. Baier states federal officials wanted to do their “due diligence” and added Alharbi to the “no fly” list because they wanted to interview him. The process to revoke any individual’s visa is an automatic process once someone is placed on the “no fly” list, not a process that was started specifically because officials believed Alharbi was a terrorist or dangerous.

According to Baier, U.S. officials said Beck’s documents, including mentions of Section 212 and Alharbi, while they may seem to indicate the Saudi is a dangerous individual, are just a bureaucratic creation in response to an individual being placed on the “no fly” list. Baier goes on to say the U.S. officials said presenting initial internal reports as evidence is “false and misleading.”

Another important point to note, according to Christian Science Monitor’s Peter Grier, is that while Beck presented the document on Wednesday, Baier was reading from the same evidence on Tuesday.

Another Saudi national from Boston, notes Grier, is set to be deported, not for ties to terrorism, but because his visa expired. After the FBI determined Alharbi not to have any ties to the Boston bombing, it just took several dates to update records. According to Grier, if anyone was searching for Alharbi’s name prior to the Boston bombing their search would yield no results.

Beck can be expected to continue developing his "Saudi national" story.