Celebrities at the 2012 Golden Globes went nude this year.

No not actually in their birthday suits, but many donned a much softer, more feminine neutral palette in contrast to the red carpet on Sunday.

Neutral colors have many benefits, especially when paired with a red carpet. Most importantly, scientifically speaking, the lines of where clothing ends and skin begins when dressing monochromatic become indistinguishable and work the same way as wearing black: making a person look taller and more slender.

Given the slurred boundaries of clothing and skin, the sex appeal factor resulting from nude tones are major, as the onlooker is constantly guessing.

"There is nothing on a woman more beautiful than having them wear their essence or skin tone," celebrity stylist and author of The Color of Style David Zyla told The Associated Press. "Nude allows a woman to wear her dress instead of the dress wearing her. It's very elegant."

Another benefit of neutral tones is the fact that anyone can wear them. However, one must beware of looking bland or dull wearing neutrals and nudes, particular those with light skin who can ultimately appear washed out. Similarly, a tone that looks good on one person and their skin tone do not necessarily look good on another.

Neutrals are broken down into hues -- whites, pinks, yellows, beiges and browns - and are specific to skin tone (note: beiges, whites, ivory and gray are the hardest to pull off without the help of a stylist.)

Women with fair or light skin should stick to rose-toned nude shades, so as not to appear washed out. Butter or yellow-cream tones also work, but shouldn't be too creamy.

Those with medium or olive skin should opt for golden nudes or neutral colors with golden undertones, like champagne or sand.

Dark-skinned women have the most versatility when it comes to donning nudes, as virtually any neutral color is flattering.

Essentially, it boils down to one rule of thumb for all when dressing neutrally: Choose a shade two, three or more shades lighter or darker than your skin tone.

Better yet, a great neutral staple can be combined with any other color or not at all, as seen on the red carpet at the 2012 Golden Globes. For a more toned down look, a person can pair with a dark color or go monochromatic flesh tone, like Jessica Biel, or for a wow effect, a bright, eye-popping color, like Angelina Jolie.

From Angelia Jolie and her Atelier Versace gown with a pop of red to Jessica Biel's wedding white Elie Saab dress, here are the best nude looks and trends on the Golden Globes red carpet.