Lloyd Blankfein
Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein

More Layoffs Hit Goldman Sachs

Cuts in the trading and sales division come as the investment bank led by CEO Lloyd Blankfein grapples with a changing banking landscape.

First Wiretap Played At Gupta's Insider Trading Trial

A New York jury on Wednesday heard former Goldman director Rajat Gupta on a FBI wiretap casually discussing business with Raj Rajaratnam, the now-imprisoned hedge fund founder he is accused of tipping off about boardroom secrets.
Workers tow a fin whale up a ramp to a processing plant at the Hvalfjordur whaling station, about 70 km north of Reykjavik

Bruno Michel Iksil: White Whale, or Jonah?

Following Thursday's financial earthquake at JPMorgan Chase & Co., fingers are pointing to Bruno Michel Iksil, who recently boasted that he could walk on water -- suggesting the French trader's ego is as outsized as the nemesis in Melville's novel from which his nickname the White Whale originates. Whether or not Iksil's reputation will go from fearsome whale to Jonah after he's blamed for the storm and tossed overboard is not yet known.