It’s a celebration 40 years in the making for the Golden State Warriors and the city of Oakland. The Warriors, led by point guard Stephen Curry and series MVP swingman Andre Iguodala, eliminated the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night to secure the franchise’s first NBA championship since 1975.

In the years after that title, the team was mired in disappointments, but now all those lost seasons will culminate in the Warriors championship parade and rally to be held Friday morning.

The team announced late Tuesday that it and the city will host the affair starting at 10 a.m. local time, beginning with the parade and a rally at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center.

The parade’s route will flow from Broadway at 11th Street to Grand Avenue, then from Harrison to Lakeside Drive and finish up on Oak Street before entering the rally.

Golden State said on its official site that fans will be permitted to lineup for the rally at 5 a.m., and that the city’s local rail line BART will provide extra trains to accommodate what’s sure to be jam-packed event.

The Warriors are the first Oakland-based team to win a title in quite some time, which should only add to the joy of the celebration. The last professional sports team to claim any title for the Oakland area was Major League Baseball’s Athletics after they swept the Bay Area neighbor San Francisco Giants to claim the 1989 World Series.

The map of the parade route is below.

                          20150616_ParadeRoute_0_1170x663 The parade will wind down through Oakland before reaching the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center for a rally Friday. Photo: