Computer game sale and distribution service giant GOG (Good Old Games) is offering 32 interplay games for half the price.

The latest sale called “Staycation” by GOG will offer these 32 games, some of whom are double-packs, for just $95.68, which is at a 50 percent discount over the original price.

The sale is nothing in comparison to the company’s Christmas sale when they offered more than 250 games, but classic games like the Fallout series (excluding Fallout 3), Earthworm Jim 3D, and VR Soccer ’96 have been put up for sale.

The best news about the sale is that the gamers won’t have to buy all the games to get the discount as has been the case previously with GOG offers, and can only buy the ones he chooses.

GOG will be running the sale till Monday, July 4, reported.