"The Good Wife" returned on Sunday, Oct. 12, and fans saw a new Alicia (Juliana Margulies) as she geared up to run for State's Attorney after deciding to enter the race in episode 3. However, things did not start out as smoothly as she would have hoped in episode 4, "Oppo Research."

Episode 4 of "The Good Wife" began with Alicia receiving opposition research from Eli (Alan Cumming) and Jonathan (Steven Pasquale). She was confronted with a list of dirty laundry, including her son Zack (Graham Phillips) getting an abortion with his girlfriend; her brother (Dallas Roberts) having an affair with a married man; and her mother (Stockard Channing) spanking a 5-year-old boy in a store.

Alicia first had to deal with her mother, bringing in the boy and his mother for Alicia's mother to apologize. Things got complicated when the woman demanded $50,000 to keep quiet and prevent a lawsuit. However, when Alicia dug a store surveilance video of the boy injuring an elderly woman just mintues before, the woman changed her mind.

Alicia had her brother over to her apartment to explain the situation to him, but it was her son who had her most upset. She was furious that he had not previously told her and was also not able to reach him for most of the episode. When the two finally did talk, she coldly told him what to say if asked about it before hanging up.

Meanwhile, Eli was dealing with other crises after finding out from Alicia that Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) had slept with Alicia's husband, Peter (Chris Noth). After meeting with her to tie up loose ends he set to firing the intern (Connie Nielsen) that he suspected Peter to be sleeping with currently.

In the middle of the episode, Alicia was confused when a mysterious super pac website emerged with people donating thousands to her still unannounced campaign. At the end of the episode it was revealed that Bishop (Mike Colter) had set up the site after Alicia asked him to seek another firm for representation without telling him why. He had cornered Kalinda and gotten Alicia's campaign intentions out of her. When Bishop confronted Alicia about the site it sure seemed like he would be expecting some favors in return if Alicia wins State's Attorney. Alicia may be getting more than she bargained for with the campaign.

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