Google+'s blistering pace of growth has resulted in 20 million users and already has garnered enough traffic to earn a rank as the 42nd most visited social network website. The success has prompted rival Facebook to respond and they did just that with the quiet release of 'Facebook for Business.'

Google's mishap with the deletion of company user id's has taken a toll on the current growth of Google+. Facebook may be using this opportunity to introduce their latest service for businesses in educating companies how to utilize Facebook Pages and Ads.

Facebook's latest release focuses on tutorials that will teach businesses how to reach out to the social media giant's 750 million users. It also gives th companies an opportunity to connect closer to their customers for the purpose of building brands and setting up ad deals.

"Business owners can learn best practices for creating a Page and engaging customers in a two-way conversation to answer questions, get valuable feedback, and to reach their friends," a Facebook spokesperson wrote.

Google has longed to setup something similar for corporate clients, but Facebook may have taken the first step. Though Google+ has just recently stepped back into the social networking field, it holds great potential in the long term despite the recent decline in traffic and users.

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