On Tuesday, Google launched a new tool for its business customers hoping to coax more adoption of its online ‘Apps’ suite.

Google is announcing a tool called 'Mail Delegation' which is particularly useful to administrative support staff to screen and send email on behalf of others. The other tool is 'Mail Retention' which is designed to help customers comply with regulations that may exist specific to their industry whereby IT administrators can set up policies to determine when email will be purged.

In addition, Google is continuing implementing its enhancement reliability by doing live replication.

We're continuing to implement additional procedures to ensure that our business customers enjoy even greater reliability: live replication of data to other locations for near-instant disaster recovery, and special handling of business users' data in our data center operations, wrote Rajen Sheth, Senior Product Manager, Google Apps in a blog post.

Google Mail delegation and Mail retention in testing with the firm's customers and will be available next week.