Google started the practice of wishing its customers on important occasions with a variety of doodles in 1998. In 1999, the search engine began its pre-Christmas doodle series called 'Winter Holidays.'

Google rechristened its Christmas time doodles as Happy Holidays doodle, instead of 'Winter Holidays,' in 2006. After the name change, the Christmas doodles got a festive and holiday look in design. It became more colorful, representing celebrations and festival season. 

The Winter Holidays doodle has images of Snow, Snow man, Penguins and Polar bears.

Google releases its Happy Holidays doodle between Dec. 20 and Dec. 25 every year.  It updates the doodle every day with a slightly different design based on the same theme.

Check out the best Google 'Happy Holidays' and 'Winter Holidays' doodles here: