The Google Maps app is set to return to the Apple iPhone and iPad tonight via Apple's App Store, according to a report released Wednesday evening.

The return of the Google Maps app to the Apple devices, should it take place tonight, will be a relief for many users who have complained that the Apple map software that replaced it when iOS 6 was released in September is vastly inferior to Google's app.

The eagerly anticipated Google iOS Maps app will reunite Apple device users with the industry-standard Google Maps software at long last, after rafts of complaints came in about the Apple Maps app in the wake of its release, according to a report by All Things D that has been cited by multiple outlets, including the Los Angeles Times and Cult of Mac.

The report that All Things D issued Wednesday night said "sources familiar with the matter" had confirmed that the Google Maps app would return to Apple devices tonight.

All Things D went on to explain the straw that broke the camel's back regarding Apple's holding out on reintroducing the Google Maps app:

"The big reason for the change? Google had declined to provide voice navigation for Apple’s map app, among other features, after it had made significant investment in building out turn-by-turn directions for its own mapping products on Android and elsewhere.

"However, Apple’s replacement mapping app was clearly not ready for prime time when it launched, and it continues to lead people astray and lack significant features such as transit directions."

The reintroduction of Google Maps to the iPhone will bring Apple users back to what they once had, as it came pre-installed on Apple iPhones until iOS 6 dropped it.

The Apple Maps app was found to be so faulty that police in parts of Australia even recently advised motorists not to use it when navigating Down Under, as it had led a number of motorists to find themselves stranded in the wilderness.

If the report by All Things D proves true, it will bring an end to "Mapplegate," which has been a major stain on the reputation of Apple and its leading devices, including the iPad and iPhone 5.

Google and Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment by All Things D Wednesday evening.