The Google Nexus 2015 release seems imminent as new details related to a possible protection plan has emerged. References to a never-before-heard phrase called "Nexus Protect" have apparently been listed in the Google Store against Nexus 6 and many other devices.

Android Police apparently ferreted out the new phrase “Nexus Protect” via the page source of the Google Store. In case, readers tried finding the phrase in the page source, the following statement should be visible: “You can’t add this phone unless it has the same Nexus Protect choice as other phones in your cart. You can update your choice or purchase this phone in your next order.” This statement is believed to appear as a pop-up.

Going by the text above, the new Nexus Protect plan looks like an extended warranty protection plan, which could comes across as an Apple Care equivalent or any other third-party electronics warranty. The Google Store apparently looks like it could set limits to purchase based on the Nexus Protect choices. For instance, in case a user would like to purchase multiple devices in the same order, the order needs to be covered under a Nexus Protect plan, Android Police reported.

In any case, readers should note that, many such retail programs have cropped up in the past, however, some of them have never seen the light of the day. Hence, there is a good chance that Google might be trying some programs, but the search giant has not confirmed anything thus far.

It is worth noting that the text "Nexus Protect" looks like it is enabled for all hardware listings in the Google Store. This includes Chromebooks, Android TV and Android Wear gadgets. If the Nexus Protect turns out to be the new protection plan, it will apparently be introduced alongside the upcoming LG Nexus 2015 and Huawei Nexus 2015 smartphones on Sept. 29.

In addition, readers should also note that, the Nexus 6 smartphone is now available at a discounted price at Best Buy and Amazon, ahead of the Nexus 2015 release date.