Google still garnered the larger share of the search market with 66% in July, but Yahoo and Bing were more effective when it comes to getting users to actually click on another web site, a report says.

Experian Hitwise found that Yahoo had a 81.36% success rate for searches resulting in visitors clicking on a website, while Microsoft's Bing came in second with 80.04%, and Google third place with a 67.56% success rate.

Analysis firm comScore found that web users conduced more than 17.1 billion core searches last month. Among the searches Google accounted for 11.2 billion searches, Yahoo 2.8 billion, and Microsoft with 2.5 billion. 

Bing started powering Yahoo's search results in the United States and Canada last year since a 2009 deal between Yahoo and Microsoft, and ultimately brought in 28.05% of all U.S. searches.

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