Google hasn't said much about the new craft it's building, but we now know what the Google (NYSE:GOOG) barge will look like, and it’s pretty incredible.

Thanks to documents obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, we can see what the barge’s designers have planned. When it’s finished, the 50-foot-tall, 250-foot-long ship made of recycled shipping containers will have sails that resemble fish fins.

By and Large LLC, the company that submitted the documents, says the barge will be used by San Francisco-area organizations to host guests and increase their business profile.

“We envisioned this space with community in mind,” By and Large told the San Francisco Chronicle. “A surprising environment that is accessible to all and inspires conversation about how everything is connected -- shorebirds, me, you, the sea, the fog and much more.”

Google has refused to say much about the behemoth. After rumors circulated about potential uses for the barge, the company issued a statement on Wednesday calling it an “interactive space where people can learn about new technology.”

By and Large LLC refers to the vessel in the documents as a "studio" and "temporary technology exhibit space," according to the Chronicle. Its goal is to "drive visitation to the waterfront."

The barge’s backers expect it to attract 1,000 visitors a day as it sails from port to port around the San Francisco Bay. The barge will remain at each port for a month, then sail off to other moorings further down the West Coast. 

Google has been keeping information about the barge under wraps. There is no indication of when we can expect construction to be finished, what kind of company By and Large LLC is (there has been some speculation that it is a shell company set up by Google) or exactly what the barge will be used for when it is finished.