Google and Samsung are teaming up once more for Nexus Prime, the Apple iPhone rival that could be its top competitor.

iPhone 4S' debut on Oct. 4 was highly anticipated, but the set release date of Samsung's Nexus Prime smartphone with Google's new Android operating system - Ice Cream Sandwich - is Oct. 11, a move surely aimed at capturing some of the momentum of iPhone 4S' awaited launch date of Oct. 14.

The Nexus line is the official Google phone, so the timing is a real escalation of the smartphone duel between Samsung and Apple. Samsung even has a short teaser video that announces something big is coming and ends with a shot of what looks like a thin smartphone with a curved screen. Prior to the iPhone 4S' launch, there was plenty of speculation the new iPhone would have this very feature.

Now comes this Samsung video only a day after iPhone 4S is announced, and with one of the most desired features many wanted to see in the iPhone no less.

Nexus Prime is said to be coming out with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a curved 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED HD display. This dislplay is the feature that will really have Nexus Prime competing with iPhone 4S. It's larger, 4.65-inch compared to 3.5-inch for iPhone 4S, comes with the Super AMOLED technology that Samsung invented, and is curved for better privacy. Additionally, the curved screen feature is unique and stylish, something Apple tries to promote its products with. The Samsung sneak peek video is below. Tell us in the comments section if you think Android's new version, called Ice Cream Sandwich, will be the operating system that puts iOS 5 to shame.