LONDON - Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has faced questions in recent weeks over his health and eyesight, has two minor tears in his retina but will not require further surgery, his office said on Saturday.

There has been speculation, dismissed by Brown, that health problems could force him to step down before an election he must call by next June. The Conservatives are ahead in opinion polls.

This summer Mr Brown had his annual eye check up which was fine. Later he had his retina checked. After examinations surgeons found that the retina had two minor tears, his office said in a statement.

However as there has been no further deterioration, and no change in his eye sight, they decided against further operations. Yesterday Mr Brown visited Moorfields Hospital as part of regular checks on his eyes and this check was also fine, it added.

Brown, 58, lost the sight in one eye following a rugby accident in his youth. He has also since had retinal detachment in the other eye and had major surgery to save his sight.