Best known in her "Gossip Girl" role as the enticing Blair Waldorf, actress Leighton Meester has filed a lawsuit against her mother who she claims is using money sent for her sick brother, on Botox, plastic surgery and hair extensions.

Meester, 25, sends $7500 a month to her mother, Constance Meester, to meet the needs of her sick brother according to But according to TMZ sources her mother uses the money for her personal cosmetic needs and has demanded $10,000 a month threatening to open a $3 million lawsuit should her daughter refuse.

Constance Meester, who gave birth to her daughter while in federal prison for her part in a drug smuggling ring,  claims that she made an oral contract with her daughter to guarantee $10,000 monthly.

The lawsuit states that the actress has endured a difficult relationship with her mother. The actress claims that her mother refuses to work and expects her daughter to support her financially.

According to the E!Online, the actress cut off her mother's funds when she learnt that the money was not being used for her brother, and now Leighton Meester is determined for a judge to declare that there was never an oral contract.

According to E!Online Constance Meester has a distinct criminal past. Not only was she in federal prison but earlier this year she had a temporary restraining order filed against her by a woman whose son attends school with her son. The woman claimed that Meester had threatened to "hunt down and kill" both her and her son.