Viewers tuned into Monday night's Gossip Girl season six finale -- and end of the series -- to celebrate the end of drama, the end of fashion and, of course, to end the mystery of the elusive Gossip Girl.

In the final minutes of "New York, I Love You XOXO," the identity of the muckraking, secret-sharing, drama-causing blogger known as Gossip Girl was revealed, shocking many and disproving theories after six seasons and 121 episodes on The CW. (Even the New York Times' sarcastic theory that Gossip Girl was actually Windows -- as in the computer company -- was disproved.)

So which main character was living a double life all along?


Lonely Boy!

In the finale, Dan Humphrey, played by Penn Badgley, admitted to have been Gossip Girl all along, which began after he first saw Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Dan handed the story of his identity over to Nate Archibald, who cashed in breaking the news in his newspaper, The Spectator.

"I wasn't born into this world, maybe I could write myself into it ... And when Serena came back from boarding school, I wrote my first post about me. Lonely boy, the outsider. The underdog. I might've been a joke, but at least people were talking about me," the voice of Dan explained, adding his sister Jenny Humphrey knew his secret all along.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Jessica Szohr as Vanessa, Katie Cassidy as Juliette and Kristen Bell, who provided the voice of Gossip Girl on the series, made cameos in reaction when Dan came forward. Previously, Bloomberg honored the show for its 100th episode back in January, adding he was very interested “in finding out who the real Gossip Girl is," and speculated it was "Serena's cousin.

"Gossip Girl" executive producer Stephanie Savage told E! Online that the series wasn't ever going to reveal the identity of Gossip Girl, but switched gears to give the show a proper ending.

Much of the plot came to a fold, as well. The romantic crisis that was Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass also ended in a happy matrimony and no jail time for Chuck who watched as Bart Bass fell off a building last episode. His quickly-conducted marriage to Blair resulted in her not having to testify against Chuck, who was a murder suspect, and his father's death declared an accident.

The finale also ended with a happy toddler named Henry. Yes, the final moments flashed five years into the future during Serena and Dan's wedding, showing the spawn of Chuck and Blair. Also in attendance were the reunited Van der Woodsen matriarch and patriarch and a happily remarried Rufus Humphrey to Lisa Loeb. Nate was also seen as a possible candidate for mayor, Eric and Jenny reunited as friends, Lola and Olivia starring in a theatrical version of Dan's book written by Ivy and Georgina happily in love with fellow schemer Jack Bass.

So far, it appears critics, as well as fans, have received the twist ending well.

"I highly approve of this choice. It’s edgy, daring, bold, and probably dripping in inconsistency — but that’s okay," Entertainment Weekly wrote. "I’m simply glad that it didn’t turn out to be an unknown person or peripheral character. The writers chose Gossip Girl straight from the heart of the gang — and that decision deserves some respect."