Following the success of My School website, The Australian Government is going to introduce My University, a similar tool aimed at the university level.

While My School publishes information on the rich achievement of each school in Australia, My University will showcase the quality of Australia's higher education providers and inform students about the institutions, their courses and pathways.

The information to be provided, amongst others, are the student to staff ratios, results of student satisfaction surveys, measures of graduate skills, graduate outcomes, fees, access to student services, and most importantly, is the university's quality of teaching and learning outcomes.

My University will provide robust, consolidated and transparent source of information of all 39 universities in Australia, in an easily accessible manner for both students and parents. The Government hopes that the website will assist students in making their choice of the universities based on the information about quality. Hence, they will not have to rely on hearsays, inference from entry requirements, or the universities' perceived prestige.

On the flip side, My University will allow the institutions to inform the community about their quality of teaching, and at the same time, to learn from the success of their colleagues. The Government believes that they have the supports from all of the Australia's 39 universities, as it is in everybody's interest to share the very best practices among themselves.

The Government would like to ensure that every able student should be given an opportunity to go to universities, as that is the path to a stronger and fairer nation. That is why in the year 2012, university places will be uncapped and the Government will fund a place for every student universities accept.

My University is expected to commence in time for the beginning of the new system in 2012. Over time, the website will be developed with inputs from the university sector.