Roger Cook, WA Opposition Health spokesman, accused the State Government of breaking a commitment regarding hospital waiting times.

The so called 'four hour rule' was introduced last year in a bid to have WA hospitals treat 85 percent of emergency patients within a span of four hours only.

Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth has reached the target of 28 times in the last 4 weeks.

Meanwhile, Royal Perth hospital met the target in two days and Fremantle Hospital had it on three days in the past month.

Mr Cook said that Health Minister Kim Hames is trying to spin a failure into success.

Dr Hames has a lot of explaining to do why their cost cutting, privatization program and budget mismanagement has derailed what he considers his flagship health reform program, he said.

The government nowadays is just too busy pulling resources out of the health sector and mismanaging the health budget to deliver on what is essentially a key election commitment from the government.

Frank Daly, the clinical leader of the Four Hour Rule Program, is confident that WA hospitals will start meeting the 85 percent mark more often in the future.

Im confident that we will be hitting it more frequently soon. But remember, it's about quality and the experience for the patients. We don't want to meet the target and miss the point.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently included in his proposed health plan a $500 million incentive for hospitals that admit, treat and discharge patients within four hours.