New York Governor David Paterson appeared on Larry King's Live Thursday evening to call the New York Times to publish a much talked about story that according to some media outlets, will force the governor to resign.

Paterson told Larry King he wished the newspaper will soon publish the profile piece it is working on, so that he could be out of misery.

Paterson called the Times to clear the air.

The human decency, if not journalistic ethics, I think would compel an organization, when they see a person being slandered for over two weeks now ... to clear the air, Paterson said.

Several media outlets and blogs have said the article will be a bombshell for the governor, unveiling critical information about him.

The Times has not said when it will publish the story but the paper denied starting the rumors and trafficking on them, CNN reports citing a spokesman for the paper. Also the newspaper said it is not responsible for what other organizations are reporting, according to CNN.

During his interview, Paterson said he will not resign and added that he will be announcing he is running for re-election on February 20.

Paterson also said none of the rumors that he had extramarital affairs and used drugs are true and called them a flat-out lie.

Watch below an excerpt from Gov. Paterson's interview on Larry King: