Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister has presented the Government's National Health and Hospital Network for Australia's future report, saying that it is the most significant reforms to health and hospitals since the introduction of Medicare.

RACGP or the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners previously welcomed the proposal of National Health and Hospital Reform Commission (NHNRC) to place the evolution of health system based on the person and family centered care, with greater equity and emphasis on prevention.

President of RACGP, Dr Chris Mitchell believes that though the presentation was focused on the hospital system, it had missed the chance of discussing openly about the investment in general practice, primary health care and prevention.

Based on the proposal, the National Health and Hospital Network will be operated locally through the input of local health clinicians and funded nationally.

 Dr Mitchell says, As a rural GP with a hospital appointment on the north coast of New South Wales that features highly in the Prime Minister's speech, I welcome the proposal for more local involvement and decision making. I hope that GPs will be able to play a significant role in these local networks.

He hopes that further future reports regarding primary health care, prevention and sub-acute care concerns will strengthen GPs' pivotal role in the communities. He concludes that the role of National Health and Hospital Network outlined in the report of National Health and Hospital Network for Australia's future is very extensive and that more details will be needed for its practical implementation.