Rockstar Games genuinely surprised everyone with the stealth release of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” for the PlayStation 3. The game is currently available for $14.99 in the PS2 Classics section of the PSN store, so fans that want to witness one of the biggest games in the “Grand Theft Auto” series should consider picking this up.

“San Andreas” is set in the early 90’s and stars a protagonist named CJ, who returns to San Andreas after a lengthy stay in Liberty City, due to the death of his mother. During his return he gets reacquainted with his old gang and starts to take over the city, before an unexpected betrayal and two corrupt cops change the flow of the story.

An article from Polygon hasn’t clarified if this is a port of the game that came out on the Xbox 360 back in October 2014. Apparently, the title was part of the “Games on Demand” and supported 720p, while offering a much better draw distance than the original game on the PS2.

Despite this, some were very critical about the Xbox 360 version of the game, including Eurogamer. It seems like the few improvements over the graphics weren’t enough to make the game look good, especially compared to other games on the console. 

However, for a game that takes up 2.1 GB, there is plenty to do in the fictional city of San Andreas. Players can work out, play some sports, drive a plane, get a haircut and so a number of things that still haven’t made it to the recently released “Grand Theft Auto V.” It was also one of the highest rated games on the PlayStation 2, thanks to a long list of things to do and a well-told story.

Fans will have to pick this up if they want to see if it’s the same port for the Xbox 360. It does feature similar trophies, among other things and the improved draw distance should be nice to look at for those that played the PS2 version. Those that want to play the game on the go can pick it up on iOS and Android devices.

GTA San Andreas: Xbox 360 HD Remaster Frame-Rate Test (Credit: YouTube/DigitalFoundry)