Photos and documents of an assault allegedly perpetrated by NFL defensive end Greg Hardy on former girlfriend Nicole Holder in May 2014 were published by Deadspin on Friday afternoon.

The graphic images show bruises all over Holder’s body and face after Hardy, who was a member of the Carolina Panthers at the time, allegedly threw her around his apartment and bathroom and on a bed covered in guns, choked her and also threatened to kill her.

The Panthers cut ties with Hardy earlier this year, and he came to terms with the Dallas Cowboys on a one-year contract in March. Dallas owner Jerry Jones said the team fully investigated Hardy’s history before signing him, and since he’s joined the team Jones has called him a “real leader.”

Since the story’s publication, neither the NFL nor the Cowboys have released a comment on its findings. Deadspin’s Diana Moskovitz wrote that she reached out to each entity for comment but none was provided.

Deadspin obtained the photos and hundreds of documents from the police investigation, including interview transcripts with witnesses and Hardy and Holder, with a recreation of the events of the night in question.

Hardy was at first convicted of assault, but appealed for a jury trial, and charges were later dropped after Holder refused to further cooperate with the investigation and case. Prosecutors for the state said they had “reliable information” that Holder reached a civil settlement with Hardy.

The 27-year-old Hardy played one game for Carolina last season before the NFL placed him on the commissioner’s exempt list while he faced the assault charges. A report in February said the Panthers did not plan to bring Hardy back.

Earlier this year, Hardy was reinstated by the NFL and signed with the Cowboys as as free agent, but the league initially suspended him for the first 10 games of this season. In July the punishment was reduced to four games by an arbitrator’s ruling.