Candy corn has long been a symbol and an icon of Halloween, stuffed in the bottom of Trick or Treaters bags’ for years. Love it, hate or simply confused about it, one thing is certain: when discussing the great candy corn debate, this holiday staple is going nowhere.

Candy corn was first invented in the 1880’s and although the method has changed through the years, the recipe - which is mostly sugar - has more or less stayed the same and lasted the test of time. Is this a testament to its great flavor? Or has the candy, like fruitcake at Christmas, simply become part of the tradition?

It seems most people, while aware of the treat, still don’t know what exactly is in it. Aside from sugar it’s a mixture of fondant, corn syrup, vanilla flavor and marshmallow cream. This mixture is melted into liquid candy called slurry, it’s then colored and molded into the iconic kernels you can see on shelves today, in most candy bearing stores.

But the nation has long been divided on where we stand on this infamous treat- while some shudder at the thought of the sugary candy, others relish in its festivity and taste. So we thought we would bring the debate into the office as we ask our co-workers where they stand on The Great Candy Corn Debate….

Is it delicious, weird or simply disgusting?