Pohang Homigot, famous for its beautiful, blue East Sea and Haemaji (which means sunrise greeting), has undergone some major changes.

Since the 2000 Millennium Haemaji event, this famous site for watching the sun rise has attracted nearly 200,000 visitors every year. This year, the city offers visitors more than ever before.

A new four-lane National Highway No. 929 that enters Homigot from Guryongpo is now open. Compared to the narrow and winding roads of the past, the new highway shortens traveling time while the scenic view of the ocean offers an added bonus. Visitors will also be able to see the New Millennium Memorial Center which has now opened its doors to the public.

Enjoy the drive on the four-lane road from the city to Guryongpo; take a break at Guryongpo-eup to appreciate the gorgeous view of the port and then start up again towards Homigot, with the view of the ocean following you.

When you leave Homigot for Haemaji in the opposite direction, Daedongbae will appear, offering a picturesque view. The steep uphill road has been widened to eliminate traffic bottlenecks. Yeongil Bay and the scenery of POSCO will remain on the right until you leave the Homi district.

Homigot sunrise - traveling is safe here

For your safety while traveling, medical booths are set up on the left and the right of Homigot Plaza as a precautionary measure against Influenza A.

Masks, hand sanitizers, tissues, as well as infrared cameras will be prepared while medical specialists will oversee precautionary activities.

Furthermore, a general briefing room, fire department and a rescue division will be installed at the site for emergency work. The traffic briefing room and numerous tow cars will stand by to provide traffic guidance and support.

All food stalls at the festival are subject to strict surveillance, ensuring the highest safety for our visitors. The Homigot Township Office will provide lodging information for visitors' comfort.

The Homigot Information Village will also provide information on nearby tourist attractions, lodging and local specialties for those who wish to obtain information prior to the festival.

Homigot sunrise - Dreams come true in the Year of the Tiger

Hope for the New Year are extremely high for people, especially those who may have gone through a difficult time in the previous year.

Every year, thousands of people visit Homigot where the sun rises first on the earth. Sunrise on New Year's Day is set for 7:32 A.M


Pohang Homigot (ipohang.org)

After making a wish at sunrise over the East Sea for health and happiness, visitors can enjoy a bowl of hot tteokguk provided by the people of Pohang.

Then, rhythmic music will propel the crowd to the front of the stage, where all visitors can make a wish together for the prosperity of the nation.

For the success of the coming G20 Summit in 2010, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the G20 Preparatory Committee, the Presidential Council on National Branding and Visit Korea Committee will jointly organize a Flash Mob. Some 2010 visitors - each holding a flag - will write G20 on the Plaza at a scale of 20m horizontally and 80m vertically.

Everyone also can join in the songs and dancing led by a professional cheerleader team.

There will also be the 6th National Kite-Flying Contest, which will cover the sky over Homigot Plaza.

Enjoy the reverberation of the Pohang International Light Festival in the middle of summer with Grace Kelly's Mika, Butterfly's Loveholic and Sandstorm's Darude flowing through the Pohang Musical Fireworks Show after the countdown at midnight.


Pohang International Light Festival

As the theme Homigot! Embracing the hopes of one nation, suggests, the Homigot Haemaji Festival will embrace the hopes of individuals, the nation and the global village. China's Shandong TV plans to broadcast the festival.

Now - if you are ready, let's go to Homigot 2010, to celebrate the Year of the Tiger!