From comic book to the silver screen, here are a few things to be on the hunt for while journeying with the Green Lantern's Hal Jordan portrayed by actor Ryan Reynolds, as it continues to hit theaters this weekend. 

Green Lantern was created by DC Comics and debuted in the July 1940 issue of All-American Comics. The storyline of the 'Green Lantern' is when test pilot Hal Jordan is given a powerful and magical green ring, augmented by the keeper's willpower.  He then unites with the Green Lantern Corps (an intergalactic battalion) to retain peach amongst the universe.  

Some clues and history to look out for during the film may enhance your journey into this mystical and action-pack fantasy film...and you needn't be a comic book buff. 

In the beginning of the film Hal Jordan's love-interest Carol Ferris played by Blake Lively is seen flying a fighter jet with a star decal on her helmet. This foreshadows her transformation to super villain, Star Sapphire who is fueled by the power of love.

Sinestro, played by actor Mark Strong, is Hal Jordan's arch nemesis and was once a member of the Green Lantern. Sinestro offered to train Hal but he had a cruel side to him and as a result Sinestro was forbidden from the Green Lantern Corps. His source of power is derived from his yellow ring.

When the Yellow Lantern Corps reveal their symbol in the yellow light energy it forewarns the Green Lantern Corps that bad news is headed their way. 

Amanda Weller played by Angela Bassett is a government agent with many connections amidst other superheroes from the DC Comic world. 

While destined to Oa, the wasp like alien Bzzd, lizard like Isamot Kol and robot Stel can be seen (be on the lookout for all of the comic fans!)

And lastly, just when the credits start rolling, stick around until the end to see photos of the Green Lantern indicating hints for perhaps the next chronicle.There are many other clues to be found in the movie, so share your comments here on what you uncovered in the film!