It looks like little Frankie isn’t the only one without a heart. Shonda Rimes, the mastermind — or should we say evil mastermind — behind the hit ABC series, left us in tears last night with the airing of episode 21, “Change of Heart.” But according to a sneak peek video of next week’s thrilling episode, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” fans of the medical drama can expect more stomach-churning drama to go down in episode 22 than ever before.

The theatrics won’t be going down in a surgery room but instead will take place behind closed administrative doors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. That’s right, we’re talking about the Harper Avery Award mishap that left Cristina Yang unrecognized. And no one puts Cristina in the corner — especially without a well-deserved accolade.

Here’s the thing: The Harper Avery Award is a coveted medical prize in the world of “Grey’s Anatomy.” It was created by physician Harper Avery and is given to surgeons who have proven themselves in the field, like Ellis Grey and Preston Burke. The award allows the recipient to take their surgical skills to the next level with a hefty donation to the hospital of the award-winner.

However, it was recently revealed that those who work within the walls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are excluded from receiving the honor because of “politics.” Although the Harper Avery Award is completely detached from the Harper Avery Foundation, which means members of the foundation have no say in who will win, those on the committee find that it would be a conflict of interest to grant the award to someone within the affiliated hospital. This is making doctors at Grey Sloan pretty peeved — especially Cristina, who deserved the award by a longshot.

In episode 22, “Grey’s Anatomy” will dive deeper into this corrupt scandal. During the sneak peek, fans are given a taste of what to expect: A conference will be held in “We Are Never Getting Back Together” that will involve all the major doctors — expect Avery and Dr. Russell.

Grey's Anatomy season 10 spoilers Will Cristina Yang appeal the Harper Avery award in episode 22 of "Grey's Anatomy"? Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless

“Dr. Russell spoke with me yesterday,” Owen Hunt says. “He’s leaving the hospital.”

The news of her boss’ departure shocks Cristina.

“He assured me four times that it had nothing to do with this Harper Avery situation,” Owen explains.

“Which means it has everything to do with this Harper Avery situation,” Richard Webber adds.

“I’m sorry. Am I missing something? What situation?” Arizona Robbins asks to clear things up.

“No one from this hospital will ever win a Harper Avery,” Meredith Grey chimes in. “Catherine Avery told that to Richard.”

“Richard thinks we should appeal,” Owen says. That’s when it clicks for Cristina because he means she’s the one who will be doing the appealing.

“You mean I should appeal. And humiliate myself further,” Cristina says.

Richard then argues that this appeal isn’t about Cristina getting the award. “This is about the hospital being able to get money for research and to attract more surgeons. We’re already losing top talent.”

If doctors know they’ll never be able to be rewarded for their hard work at Grey Sloan Memorial, then why would they ever choose to work there? It could ultimately be the downfall of the hospital.

“Appealing the decision is not the worst idea in the world,” Derek Shepherd says, throwing in his two cents.

Easy for you to say, Dr. McDreamy. Your neck isn’t the one on the line!

What do you think Cristina should do? Should she appeal or should she stay silent considering she’ll be out of Grey Sloan Memorial in just a few short episodes anyway? Sound off in the comments section below with what you think she should do and don’t forget to tune into next week’s “Grey’s Anatomy” when episode 22 airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT.