It looks like we’re not out of the woods just yet with relationship drama on “Grey’s Anatomy.” For those who thought the Season 11 heartache would end following MerDer’s reconciliation, you were wrong -- very wrong. Apparently Shonda Rhimes, creator of the hit ABC series, has more romantic despair for fans of the medical drama to endure -- and it's set to take place in episode 19, which is appropriately titled, “Crazy Love.”

So, what fiery lovefest is in danger of getting doused? Well, it’s none other than Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) budding romance. According to the synopsis for the installment, Amelia will begin to rethink her relationship with the redheaded doctor after Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) “comes down hard on her sister-in-law” for hiding her feelings for the man that Mer's best friend (Sandra Oh) used to date.

“I just want to make sure,” Mer says after finding out about the hospital’s newest love affair. “That I don’t ruin him?” Amelia cuts in during the promo for episode 19.

This will cause Amelia to think long and hard about whether dating Owen is the right move for her. And from what we saw in the sneak peek video for “Crazy Love,” she’ll have more cons than pros on her list of the merits of getting involved with the doctor.

“I can’t do this,” she tells Owen after he asks her how her surgery went in the episode 19 sneak peek. Owen, caught off guard, is wondering why she is so frazzled. Apparently, Amelia thinks Owen’s feelings for her have blinded him.

“My approach was inferior and it cost my patient in terrible ways,” Amelia says. “Can you tell me honestly that you siding with me today was only about that patient, it had nothing to do with you and me?”

Owen responds that Amelia’s plan was “smart and solid,” but she isn’t buying it. She thinks Owen is slipping up due to his feelings for her.

“Our brains change when we … when we fall for another person, our neurological pathways get altered,” Amelia says. “We make choices, decisions, whether we want to or not. This is why it is not smart to mix personal with professional. All of this could have been avoided if I had just ... if we had just kept our professional lives professional. But we didn’t. It was a mistake. This is a mistake.”

Could this be the end of Owelia? Sound off in the comments section below whether you think this relationship can go the distance. Don’t forget to tune in to episode 19 of “Grey’s Anatomy” when “Crazy Love” airs Thursday, April 9, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.