Move over, MerDer! It looks like Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital just found itself a new power couple. According to reports, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) will be taking their budding – and super-hot – relationship to the next level in episode 17 of “Grey’s Anatomy” when Amelia is forced to come face to face with the mother of her current flame.

That’s right! Mrs. Hunt (Debra Mooney) will be returning to the Season 11 plot to pay her son a visit – but according to the synopsis for Thursday’s installment, “With or Without You,” the reunion will take place due to less than desirable circumstances. The summary explained that Owen will be surprised when he sees his mom after she gets admitted to the hospital for a medical condition. But don't fret for the life of Mooney’s character just yet! McKidd explained that it is supposed to be a “really fun episode” to watch. Phew! That’s a relief.

“It’s great having Debra Mooney back,” McKidd gushed to Entertainment Weekly. “We give her a lot more to do. But the real surprise is that she has got a man in tow with her that Owen did not know about. Owen’s reaction is funny and interesting.”

Who knew the Hunts had so much game? Owen’s mother won’t be the only one showing off her new eye candy in episode 17. McKidd revealed that he’ll be cornered into an uncomfortable situation where he feels obligated to introduce Amelia to his original leading lady. “Owen and Amelia are not a couple yet, so it’s interesting to see how that plays out between them,” McKidd revealed.

But surprisingly enough, Amelia and Owen’s mom will see the acquaintance as anything but awkward. “Amelia and Owen’s mom actually hit it off very quickly,” McKidd divulged to EW. “They like each other and become fast friends. Owen is the odd man out in the whole situation.”

The actor then explained that in addition to upping their emotional game with the introduction of his mother, Owen and Amelia will also be taking the next step intimately. “They keep on wanting to consummate their affection for each other, but they keep getting torn away to work,” McKidd told the Hollywood Reporter, acknowledging the pesky pages that keep interrupting their steamy on-call hookup sessions. So, when will Owen and Amelia seal the deal? Well, McKidd confirmed that “eventually” the two will “cross that barrier.”

“It takes a while,” he promised EW. “They’re so busy. It creates more heat between them too because they’re being kept apart.”

Guess we're not the only ones sitting on the edges of our seats then, huh? "Grey's Anatomy" will air episode 17 on Thursday, March 26, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.