If you were expecting a love triangle or some other steamy scenes to occur in the Season 11 winter finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” -- think again! Instead of ending 2014 on a sexy note, Shonda Rhimes, creator of the hit ABC drama, did the exact opposite as she turned episode 8 into a nail-biter of an installment.

“Risk” kicked off with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) butting heads with her hubby (Patrick Dempsey) after her half sister Maggie (Kelly McCreary) asked for a second opinion from Mer regarding her patient. But Meredith’s input contradicted Derek’s, thus beginning another one of MerDer’s infamous feuds.

Derek told his wife that the only reason Maggie asked for her opinion was most likely because she knew Mer could talk Derek down. But Maggie would beg to differ. She insisted that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Why would you think that?” she questioned Meredith when her half sister posed the question. (Maybe Meredith will make it her New Year’s resolution to not doubt herself in 2015.)

With Meredith siding with Maggie, Derek decided to call in his own backup by having Richard (James Pickens Jr.) take a look at the patient. And as suspected, Richard ended up bolstering Derek’s decision that a brain operation would be more vital than chest surgery (a conclusion he calculated would have a lower risk factor ... in his head). However, Meredith pointed out that if anyone was going to pull rank on this case it would be Maggie.

“So what would you like to do, Dr. Pierce?” she asked. (Sister power!)

The siblings ended up going into surgery, Maggie style, which went very smoothly and even brought the sisters closer together. However, the successful procedure managed to drive Meredith and Derek even further apart.

“I don’t want to fight but I don’t want to compromise myself, Meredith,” Derek said, opening the floodgates to more Washington, D.C., talk. “You know why I resent you? Because you never had my back on this. Ever since I told you I would stay. I gave up everything for you.”

Meredith couldn’t believe her husband felt as though D.C. was “everything.” That’s when Derek broke the news that the president had re-offered him the position that he previously turned down.

“You should take it,” Meredith said, and without hesitation Derek called the president’s assistant to take the gig -- all while starring angrily at Mer. The couple ended up taking separate cars home.

And those two weren’t the only Grey Sloan hospital employees who were at odds during tonight’s episode. Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) found herself on April’s (Sarah Drew) bad side after she accidentally revealed to the expectant mother that her baby was a boy! But a premature gender reveal party would be the least of Stephanie’s problems. While performing an ultrasound of her ex-lover’s current baby mama, Stephanie noticed April’s child was sitting in a crossed-leg position -- like a little Buddha.

Stephanie suspected something suspicious about the fetus’ yoga stance and immediately confessed to another co-worker that she thought something was wrong with April and Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) child. Considering she’s a novice in the field, Steph then called upon Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) to diagnosis the troubling sonogram.

“That’s a Type 2 or 3,” Arizona said, causing us to frantically search what that could possibly mean. The ladies then found Dr. Herman (Geena Davis), who was struggling with her own issues (fatal tumors, lack of orgasms and too many ice cream flavors) to give her prognosis.

“Tell me what I’m looking at, Robbins,” Dr. Herman asked her protégée, essentially passing down the metaphorical medical torch.

Arizona revealed that she was concerned she was looking at a fetus with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease.

That’s when Dr. Herman revealed the heartbreaking news that those born with the disease “usually don’t live more than a couple days or weeks.”

Robin asked her mentor if they could possibly save the child -- it was, after all, the unborn baby of her friend.

“Be there for her,” Dr. Herman replied.

Stephanie questioned Dr. Herman once again to see if she was sure there was nothing they could do to help the little Buddha baby, which is when Jackson overheard his ex discussing the troubling issues regarding his child. (When will they learn that Grey Sloan isn’t as big as they think it is?)

Although April and Jackson’s baby may be too sick to save, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) revealed to Arizona -- in a very loud manner -- that she may be able to cure Dr. Herman’s allegedly incurable tumor! Arizona had Dr. Herman’s files sent to Amelia so she could snoop and see just how sick her boss was. Amelia examined the scans and discovered a possible way to save Dr. Herman. Hooray for a lifetime of orgasms and cold creamy treats!

What did you think of episode 8? Sound off in the comments section below. Was it the diagnosis of April’s baby? Or that Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was downing a kale smoothie? We want to hear your thoughts.