Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to kick off Season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy." The sister vs. sister conflict will continue when episode 2, “Puzzle with a Piece Missing,” airs next Thursday.

According to the synopsis, episode 2 will heavily focus around Maggie’s (Kelly McCreary) storyline. Maggie will continue to make a positive impact at the hospital, but will find herself in an “extremely unfortunate situation” by the end of "Puzzle with a Piece Missing." What could that mean exactly? From the promo video of episode 2, viewers see Derek (Patrick Dempsey) reintroduce Maggie to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). But their smiles couldn’t be any more fake. As the clip continues we witness the women fight once again over how to treat a patient. We even see Maggie hip-check Meredith! Little sister’s got some spunk, huh?

Besides the Maggie and Meredith drama, "Grey's Anatomy" fans can also look forward to the show exploring more of Dr. Webber's (James Pickens Jr.) storyline. As viewers previously discovered, Webber is Maggie's father -- something she doesn't know and something he plans on keeping to himself. He must deal with the emotional impact all while he and the rest of the doctors “work with a dying woman who is being kept alive by her daughter.”

As fans saw in the first episode of the new season, Meredith and her half-sister were butting heads until the very last second of “I Must Have Lost It on the Wind.” When a patient is rolled in (after being missing on a mountain for more than a month) the two surgeons had very different ideas of how he should be treated, which resulted in a lost kidney and a few nasty words between the two. Note: Meredith still doesn’t know Maggie is her half-sister.

Dr. Webber held his ear up to the room where his love child and Meredith were fighting. Maggie said she wanted Meredith to like her, which is why she avoided stepping on her toes. But after being dismissed by Mer, she had enough. She claimed that she never experienced such unprofessionalism as she did at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. That’s when they to came to terms that they would never like one another -- something Maggie dreaded to hear.

Dr. Webber found Maggie outside, taking her frustration out on a vending machine that ate her money.

“I was going to talk to her today. Tell her,” Maggie said to Webber, who revealed that he knew Meredith was Maggie’s sister.

“First I was going to win her over with my talent and charm. I found my sister and I think I hate her. She’s terrible. Screw her,” she ranted, adding that she doesn’t need to add any unwanted blood relatives to her life.

What are your predictions for episode 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy”? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to watch “A Puzzle With a Piece Missing” when the new episode airs Thursday, Oct. 2, at 8 p.m. EDT.