Derek (Patrick Dempsey) may be dead but the drama is not over yet! The tension is just starting to rise as “Grey’s Anatomy” nears its anticipated finale. With one episode left until Season 11’s final installment, viewers should prepare themselves for some eye-widening moments on the hit ABC series -- specifically between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

According to the episode 24 promo video, the sister-in-laws will butt heads over the fate of the surgeon in “Time Stops.” And it looks like this fiery fight might just be the argument that scorches their relationship.

Amelia will confront Mer over why she decided to take her brother off of life support following his tragic demise when she should have consulted with her first.

“I could have saved him,” the neurosurgeon says tearfully. But Meredith responds that Derek was brain dead and there wasn’t anything the talented doctor could have done to bring him back. Amelia then brought up a good point saying that because Mer made the decision to end Derek’s life, she was unable to say goodbye to her older sibling.

“How could you do it? I didn’t get to tell him goodbye because of you,” she says.

It’s true, Mer acted alone in deciding to terminate Derek’s life and we were wondering when Amelia would flip out over her sister-in-law's decision to stop the extraordinary measures being taken to keep Derek alive.

In episode 22's (and 23's) two-hour event, which took place over the course of a year, everything seemed fine between the two sisters when "She Leaves Home" concluded. You know, even though Meredith fled Seattle with her children (Amelia’s niece and nephew) without telling her sister-in-law where she was going. However, when Meredith returned home (after giving birth to her daughter Ellis) all was forgiven as Amelia embraced her sister and her newborn niece with open arms. But just like Derek’s death, Meredith’s decision to take Derek off lifesupport without Amelia's input will slowly start to sink in, causing Amelia to lash out on Mer the same way she did to Dr. Weber (James Pickens, Jr.).

The synopsis adds that sister drama won’t be the only excitement set to occur in episode 24. According to the summary, a “catastrophic event” will occur at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the upcoming installment, which will force the doctors to “put their emotions aside.”

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