“Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes sure knows how to tug at our heartstrings. Episode 22 had us laughing, crying and even in aw as we watched the two-hour special unfold.

Check out the most shocking and heartbreaking moments from the Season 11 installment “She Leaves Home” below:

1. Meredith Reveals Derek’s Fate

“Grey’s Anatomy” decided to tug at our hearts strings once again by replaying Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) taking her husband off of life support.

Things only got more emotional when the surgeon was forced to reveal Derek (Patrick Dempsey) was dead to her family and friends at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. “Derek is dead,” she said to her co-workers before fainting.

2. How Did Amelia React To Her Brother’s Death?

After Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) surgery, Owen (Kevin McKidd) broke the news to his former beau that her brother had perished in a car accident.

“I don’t need to know the details. Dead is dead,” Amelia said with a blank stare. “Thank you for telling me. The surgeon tried to be strong saying that she’s had to say goodbye to loved one’s before. “It’s not a big deal,” she said, washing her hands as her co-workers broke down in tears around her.

3. Derek’s Funeral

Grey’s Anatomy” quickly glazed over Derek’s funeral. Maybe that’s because Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) wasn’t there to pay her respects. In any event, Ben (Jason George) said Derek’s funeral was “a nice service.” So, at least fans have that to comfort them.

4. #WheresMeredith

Following her late husband’s funeral, Meredith decided to pack her belongings, her children and flea Seattle.

“Where are we going?” her daughter Zola asked.

“Away, sweetie. We are going away,” Mer responded.

Meredith left her coworkers with no warning, just a note that confirmed she and the children were safe. Some of her co-workers suggested to getting the police involved but Dr. Weber (James Pickens Jr.) wouldn’t hear of it. Instead he just said that Meredith was following in her mother’s footsteps. “Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) left Seattle. Never looked back,” he said.

5. Callie Goes On A Second Date

Remember Jack Pruitt (Kevin Alejandro)? The tall, dark and handsome police officer that Callie went on a “boring” date with? Well, he’s back! But unfortunately he’s not in that great of shape. Callie reluctantly revealed to the wounded officer that she’s not confident she will be able to save his leg. But no one can bring Jack down. His spirits are soaring and he can’t stop pulling Callie’s leg (no pun intended) about how she called once called him a snoozefest.

Callie ended up amputating his right leg but was able to fit the officer with a mechanical limb thanks to Derek’s brilliant help. This brought Callie to tears.

6. April Embarks On A New Journey

It’s now Easter and Derek’s family and friends are trying to move forward, like April (Sarah Drew) who has decided to take a cue from Meredith and leave Seattle -- to go overseas.

“It makes me excited,” she told Jackson (Jesse Williams) why she wanted to join the military. “Please. I need this. It’s three months.” Derek’s demise and the horrific death of her child seem to be taking a toll on April. And while we understand, Jackson can't seem to wrap his head around his wife's new journey.

7. Maggie Misses Her Sister

Maggie (Kelly McCreary) told Alex (Justin Chambers) that they should devise a plan to find Meredith -- maybe hire a private investigator. But Alex said it was no use. He had call Mer’s father and even Cristina (does anyone else wish he would have elaborated on his conversation with Yang?). “No one knows where she is,” he said.

8. A Proposal

Richard began to propose to Catherine (Debbie Allen) in episode 22 but she stopped him in the middle of his gushy speech. After an eye-widening talk with Maggie, Catherine figured out that she should be the one to propose to her future fiancé. And she did -- in the most romantic way possible.

“About damn time!” Richard accepted her Valentine’s Day proposal. (We could really use a joyous celebration right about now.)

9. Amelia Grieves

The Neuro surgeon had been cracking jokes since her brother’s death, making comments like, “If Derek saw this he would role over in his grave -- maybe shimmy.” Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) told her boss that those quips made her feel uncomfortable, which is when she suggested a support group. However, Amelia had no interest in joining one. “Let’s just put it to rest -- like my brother,” she said.

Amelia’s emotions finally caught up with her during the holidays. She lashed out at Weber, revealing why she had been so invested in her work and it was because she doesn’t want to have any patients die on her watch. If they died, that meant their family and friends would hate her for letting them die, like the way she hated the doctors who let her big brother die.

Owen returned home from being overseas with April (she and Jackson reunited in an adorable scene) and made sure to pay Amelia a visit. And thankfully he did because she had a pocket full of drugs she was ready to swallow. “Every man I’ve ever loved has died. Including my baby. Thank you, Universe,” Amelia said, revealing that not once during her 1,321 days of being sober did she think of breaking but tonight she did.

“It was managed but I might [take the drugs].”

She then sunk into Owen’s arms in a fit of tears. “You’re going to be ok. You’re going to survive this. Everybody does” he says to her. (It’s also important to mention that Amelia said Addison [Kate Walsh] called her former sister-in-law to check up on her.)

10. Meredith Is Pregnant!

…with a girl!

We held our breath in fear that she might had lost the baby when she started bleeding profusely. Luckily, smart little Zola called the police and baby Ellis was saved. (Yes, she named her daughter after her mother! How sweet!) “I saw him in her. She’s beautiful,” she said to Alex, who was called due to being Meredith’s “person” and apparently her emergency contact.

11. Meredith Returns Home

Episode 22 concluded with Meredith returning home. Although she still had trouble sleeping in her bed alone she managed to go back to work, put on Derek’s surgical cap and begin operating again.

“All I have to do is begin,” she said.

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