It looks like Derek (Patrick Dempsey) may be returning to Seattle sooner than we thought. According to a sneak peek video from the coming Season 11 installment of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Amelia (Caterina Scoresone) will call upon her brother for help in episode 14, “The Distance.” But will Derek leave his D.C. gig to run to his little sister’s aid?

While performing a surgery on Dr. Herman (Geena Davis), which involves removing a life-threatening tumor from her brain, Amelia will stumble upon a major obstacle -- one that causes her knees to buckle, as well as her confidence. But what makes matters even worse during this sticky situation is that Amelia’s freakout will happen while she’s being watched by a theater full of doctors.

Thankfully Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) will come to her aid to lend a helping hand -- and maybe a scalpel. But to his surprise he’ll learn that Grey Sloan Memorial’s star surgeon might not be as prepared for this daunting operation as she let on.

“I thought I could help,” he said, attempting to comfort the shaky surgeon. “We could work through whatever it is you’re stuck on.”

That’s when Amelia let Webber know that she felt in over her head.

“Kill the intercom, please,” she said before broaching the issue. “You could be a big help. I need you to call my brother. Tell him he needs to get on a plane. He’s in D.C. so if he goes now he could be here in six, seven hours.”

But Webber isn’t convinced that’s the best idea -- especially with Dr. Herman lying on the operating table under anesthesia.

“I made a mistake,” Amelia responds, tears welling in her eyes. “I took on an impossible task, and my hubris is going to kill her.”

As Webber takes in the situation, Amelia begs once more for her brother. “Please -- get him on the phone. Get him on a plane. Get him here. Now.”

Do you think Derek will be dusting off his Grey Sloan scrubs in episode 14? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories before “The Distance” airs Thursday, March 5, at 8 p.m. EST.