“Grey’s Anatomy” brought the heat to episode 12 of Season 11. The sexy installment kicked off on a jaw-dropping note as Jo (Camilla Luddington) got naked and slipped into the shared-home's broken shower -- right in front of the very single Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). But shockingly enough that was the least surprising moment of the night. “The Great Pretender” got even hotter when Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) co-workers began theorizing about her romantic weekend in D.C. with Derek (Patrick Dempsey).

“Everybody’s getting freaky but me,” Callie complained after coming to the conclusion that Mer and Der didn’t leave their bedroom. But from the worried look on Meredith’s face and her reserved behavior, it seemed safe to say that their assumption about her weekend away was a bit off.

After hearing about Meredith’s alleged wild mini vacation, Callie decided to express to Owen (Kevin McKidd) her concerns over her own dull life. “I want to be out of my pajamas!” she said, revealing that since she broke up with Arizona she’s had a bit of a dry spell. Owen then shared his secret of how he picks up the ladies -- and it’s by telling them the heart-warming story about why he chose to become a trauma surgeon.

While everyone at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was gossiping about Meredith’s weekend away, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was spending quality time with her husband and brother-in-law in the woods. The brother’s were saying goodbye to their recently deceased father by spreading his ashes among the trees. But after they finished, Kurt (Benjamin Patterson) collapsed, falling down the steep and rocky hill.

A few moments later, Meredith opened the ambulance doors to the recently arrived vehicle only to find Bailey shouting orders as Kurt was on a stretcher. After Meredith ran some tests, she discovered that Kurt’s liver enzymes were “off the charts.” Ben (Jason George) thought that the reason his brother’s spleen was so damaged was because he was using hard drugs. But Bailey pieced it together with Meredith’s help that the reason Kurt was hospitalized was because he has begun his transitioning into a woman.

As Bailey figured out Kurt’s secret, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) tried to uncover Meredith’s. She confronted her half-sister about her lie, wondering where she really was over the weekend because it wasn’t in D.C. with Derek. According to Maggie, Derek had called three times wanting to speak to his wife -- and all three times she covered for Mer.

“I want to be here for you but I like Derek. I hate lying,” Maggie said. That’s when Meredith started getting defensive, blurting out some not-so-nice things to her half-sis. However, after cooling off, Meredith revealed the truth of where she was.

“I’m not cheating on my husband,” she said, explaining that she watched the plane to D.C. take off. “[I] got in my car and left. I didn’t know how to tell anyone that I didn’t get on the plane to visit my husband.” So, instead of returning home, Meredith stayed at a hotel near the airport -- by herself.

“You’re embarrassed so you hid,” Maggie replied, looking empathetic. “I get that.” Maggie added that she understood why Meredith didn’t want to tell her about her seemingly depressing weekend. “I’m sorry. But thank you for telling me,” she said.

Meredith wasn’t the only one who came clean during episode 12. Bailey delicately revealed to her husband why Kurt’s spleen was being removed. “Kurt is transitioning. She is transgender and she identifies as female and she wants to live life as a woman,” Bailey began. “Your brother is becoming your sister.” Ben responded with a laugh, not taking what Bailey had said seriously. But after a few intense moments, he soon realized that his wife was telling the truth.

So, Ben visited his sister. But his stay didn't last very long. After a few moments, Ben stormed out. Bailey chased after her husband, stating her disappointment in him. Ben revealed that he’s angry with his brother, whom he shared everything from his room to secrets with.

“This isn’t about you,” Bailey bit back. “This is her song. Get off the stage and let her sing it.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Herman (Geena Davis) got wind of Arizona’s adventurous morning with Jo. “And here I thought you were boring,” Herman teased the clearly distressed doctor. Arizona found it inappropriate that Jo had dropped her draws right in front of her. But Alex (Justin Chambers) found his girlfriend’s tactic pretty tasteful.

But the most exciting moment from episode 12 was Amelia’s brave encounter with Owen. After reminiscing about her youth and her confidence in the dating scene with Callie, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) decided to channel her inner coolness and hit on Owen. She showed up to his pad with a bottle of wine (which was actually sparkling water) and attempted to swoon him.

“I’m sorry. I have literally no game,” she said after mumbling her way through her pick up line. As Amelia walked away, feeling embarrassed, Owen ran after her. “I’m going to kiss you now. So don’t say anything,” he said, grabbing her face and laying one on her.

Like Amelia, Callie decided to bring out her wild side during a night out at a bar. She attempted Amelia’s trick that included a sensual stare but ultimately decided she’s not the type of gal to play games. After taking a shot, she walked over to the handsome man sitting at the bar and asked him to dance with her. Of course he obliged.

It was later revealed that Meredith didn’t reveal the whole truth about her weekend away to Maggie. Meredith dished to Alex that she didn’t get on the plane because she was worried what would happen when she stepped foot off the aircraft.

“What if I got off the plane and he wasn’t happy to see me? What if he didn’t smile? “ she questioned. But her worrisome was a blessing in disguise because Meredith was able to spend three days by herself -- not as a mother, a wife or a surgeon but as Meredith.

She explained that if she went to D.C. she and Derek would have fought -- or at least talked about arguing. “I don’t want to fight anymore,” she said, clearly exhausted with her marital woes. “I don’t want to leave him but I definitely do not want to be with him right now,” she admitted.

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