“Japril the Movie” is getting a sequel.

During the upcoming Season 12 installment of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) will go head-to-head — in one of their fiercest feuds yet — when Jackson gets wind of April’s swollen secret.

In episode 11, April revealed to Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) that she was pregnant with Jackson’s baby. This occurred moments after April had signed legal papers, per Jackson’s request, ending her marriage with her husband. Arizona encouraged her pregnant friend to tell Jackson the news, but April insisted that she wanted to keep the pregnancy under wraps. She didn’t want the pregnancy to complicate their already complicated relationship or pressure Jackson into getting back into a relationship with her.

But in episode 15, titled “I’m Not Waiting Anymore,” Jackson will tell April that he didn’t think it was fair for her to make that decision.

“You told Robbins and you didn’t tell me?” he says, clearly agitated that he was the last one to know that he was expecting a baby. But April says she doesn’t have the time to discuss this nor does she want to air out their dirty laundry at the hospital in front of their colleagues.

“Oh, excuse me, is there a more convenient time for me to catch you lying to me?” Jackson argues. “You don’t think  a pregnancy would have factored in to my decision to move forward with the divorce?”

But April divulges that she knew it would, which is why she stayed tight-lipped about the baby growing in her belly. She didn’t want Jackson to feel trapped by the pregnancy.

“You didn’t want to stay with me,” she replies. “You think I want you to stay for my baby and have you hating me for the rest of my life?”

Jackson fires back, telling his ex-wife that she’s already got “a pretty good jump on that.”

Although it may seem that April has officially given up on Japril, Drew still clings to a “beacon of hope” that this pregnancy could bring the Grey Sloan couple back together.

“I always, always, always hold out hope for Japril. I think there's always hope,” she told TV Guide, adding that “there's always hope as long as they're both still breathing.”

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